Fall School Life "Aki no Gakkō Seikatsu" (秋の学校生活) is the eighth episode for both the first season of the Gabriel DropOut anime and overall.


Raphiel finds herself with an overly tight bra when the class has to take a fitness exam. She ends up restraining her movements to keep it from breaking. Gabriel ends up failing the events but Satania has been winning every event. Not wanting her to be smug for the whole weekend, she asks Raphiel to beat her so she does with her bra breaking in the process. Vigne and Satania later take part in an interview exam. Satania followed poor advice from a book Gabriel recommended to her. The next day, Gabriel sits in on Machiko's cooking club to get a free meal while Satania discovers Raphiel's fear of frogs on the way home and takes advantage of that as revenge for the torment she was put through.

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  • This is a rare time Satanichia has the upper hand over Raphiel.
    • It is also the only time, she has done really devious by taking advantage of the latter's fear.
  • Raphiel did not play any tricks on Satanichia only being amused by her fear.


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