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File:Satania awakes to Raphiel sleeping beside her.pngFile:Satania char.pngFile:Satania gets a mysterious fish from Hell.png
File:Satania has a picture of Gabriel as a waitress.pngFile:Satania is crushed under Gabriel's door.pngFile:Satania lies to Taplis about controlling Gabriel, while in a locker.png
File:Satania panics about the consequences of failing the exam.pngFile:Satania pretending to be an angel.pngFile:Satania still unconcious that night.png
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File:Satanichia image 9.jpgFile:Satanichia is losing her bread.pngFile:Satanichia realises there is no toilet paper in her stall.png
File:Satanichia visualises corrupting the world next Christmas.pngFile:Screenshot (13406).pngFile:Screenshot (13407).png
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File:Screenshot (14768).pngFile:Special Satanichia black special and special.pngFile:Tanaka profile image.jpg
File:Taplis Sugarbell Chisaki in a space suit ( First appearance ).pngFile:Taplis challenges Satania.pngFile:Taplis confuses Gabriel for a punk.png
File:Taplis loses the challenge.pngFile:Taplis reaction to an encounter with Vignette.pngFile:Taplis see's how bad Gabriel's house is.png
File:Tapris profile image.pngFile:Teacher profile image.jpgFile:The group arrives at the crossroads of Heaven and Hell.png
File:The group gets to the beach only to find it raining.pngFile:The group sculpts a sexy sand body over Satania.pngFile:Tumblr odoai6tTo31ta7pubo1 500.jpg
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File:Vigne threatens Gabriel to concentrate on cooking.pngFile:Vigne visual.pngFile:Vignette's patience relating to Satania is running short.png
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File:Vignette image 8.jpgFile:Vignette image 9.jpgFile:Vignette threatens Gabriel to clean her room.png
File:Vignette tries to get past the fact that she destroyed Gabriel's room.pngFile:Vignette tries to stop Gabriel from using the final trumpet.pngFile:VincChibi.png
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