Machiko (まち子) is the class president in Gabriel's class as well as the class president and president of the cooking club.


Machiko has long black hair that is usually left loose. She has brown eyes and wears the standard school uniform.


As the class president, it is Machiko's job to act serious, and she does just that. She is also shown to be quite patient, as she is used to Gabriel's late homework assignments.


  • Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell: Machiko was paired with Satania for an art assignment. Satania pestered Machiko by making her pose in different (and silly) ways.


  • Gabriel thought that Machiko's real name was "Prez", which is the name everyone addresses her with. She also thought it was a type of species.
  • Her friends said that she has been class president since the 3rd grade.