Satania's Counterattack  "Satānya no Gyakushū" (サターニャの逆襲) is the sixth episode for both the first season of the Gabriel DropOut anime and overall.


Wanting vengeance on Gabriel, Satania buys a revolver from Hell Shopping Network. The gun causes whoever shot to wind up in a laughing fit. The plan fails with Satania getting shot so she faces Gabriel in a game of shogi. Satania doesn't know how to play and lost again to Gabriel playing by her own rules. Later, Machiko ends up as Satania's sketching partner in art class and resorts to ridiculous demands to try to keep her motivated. On Halloween, the girls go trick-or-treating at Gabriel's apartment and Vigne attempts to get Gabriel to wear one of her costumes. She ends up going as an angel and Satania plans to trick-or-treat at their teacher's as she claims he would not give a treat so it was justified to prank him. He ends up having treats however.

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