The teacher, or Glasses-Sensei is the homeroom teacher for Gabriel, Vignette and Satanichia.


He is noted for his bald head along with his more well known dark glasses. He wore formal attire.


Glasses is a strict man who is intolerant towards any sort of shenanigans especially those from Satania. Despite this, he is close to his students as he is aware of Satania's love for melon bread and know Vignette enough to be aware that she wasn't part of Satania's foolery during their mock job interview.


Satanichia McDowell - Glasses's patience with his students is tested whenever Satanichia enters the scene. Every time, Satanichia disrupts the class, Glasses appropriately punishes her.


  • He has close resemblance to Agent 47 from Hitman or Rude from Final Fantasy VII.